Vish Nandlall is a well-respected telecommunications visionary and tech executive with significant experience leading multinational organizations. An accomplished CTO, Vish excels at communicating his transformative vision and executing effective, efficient innovation strategy.

About Vish Nandlall


Vish Nandlall is the Head of Emerging Technologies and Ecosystems at Dell-EMC. He served as CTO for Ericsson North America, where he designed their regional market strategy and technology roadmap. Foremost among Vish’s accomplishments during his tenure with Ericsson, he led the resolution of AT&T 3G performance issues plaguing the firm. He also organised a market-by-market analytics initiative, identified signaling and network design flaws, and rolled out features efficiently in under a year to move all markets to target levels of retain ability.

Vish Nandlall also developed and executed a plan to deliver five emerging business organizations, including Cloud, SDN, OSS/BSS, Video, and Mobile Enterprise. These businesses realized an annualized $2 billion in new revenue at a time when the North American market revenue was $9 billion total. This success hinged on Vish’s ability to develop a portfolio through R&D prioritization, an effective M&A plan, and management of the service and sales support recruiting and training.

Vish Nandlall began his career at Nortel Networks, where he started in 1995 by leading the design of the world’s first distributed call processing platform. Over the course of the next ten years, he went on to pioneer 10Gbps IP forwarding, act as a key contributor and author of the Verizon A-IMS specification, and even lead the industry’s first LTE trial system. In 2005, Vish was named Nortel’s CTO for the Carrier Network Group as well as a Nortel Distinguished Engineer for his technical leadership across the firm’s IP, optical, and wireless products.

Vish holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, First Division, with a focus in Electrical Engineering, from the University of New Brunswick. He has been published several times, holds multiple patents, and has been listed by Wireless World as one of their Global 100 Wireless Experts. In 2016, he was inducted to the “Knowledge Nation 100” for his contributions to the country’s innovation agenda. Global Telecom Business listed him as one of their “50 CTOs to Watch.”

He speaks regularly at conferences, and has recently presented on topics including,  “Building an IoT Strategy” at MWC 2016 and “Software Defined Transportation” at the 2016 NSW Transport Summit. Highly active within his community, Vish Nandlall has served as a director and policy chair for TIA. He also sits on the ATIS board, the FCC technology advisory committee, the Cloud Foundry board, and the EMC (now Dell Technologies) technology advisory board. 

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In 2016, Vish Nandlall was inducted to the “Knowledge Nation 100” for his contributions to the country’s innovation agenda. Wireless World listed Vish as a Global 100 Wireless Experts, and Global Telecom Business has named him as one of their “50 CTOs to Watch.” He holds a fundamental patent for LTE and multiple patents for cloud mobile application and communication service designs. Vish has also published a number of widely-cited IEEE LTE papers.

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