In March, I explored a few essential TED Talks on the Internet of Things (IoT). Here now are five more IoT TED Talks for your consideration, which dive into several additional facets of this growing technological revolution.


“Ashkan Fardost: Internet of Things – Beyond Our Current Imagination”

In his TED Talk, Ashkan Fardost explains the exponential growth of technology in recent years, highlighting his own personal story about Napster that is sure to entertain. He highlights IoT’s incredible potential while discussing aspects of its history.


“Marco Annunziata: Welcome to the Age of the Industrial Internet”

Economist Marco Annunziata focuses on how the industrial sector is being transformed by IoT. Devices are now able to sense and react, making them more efficient than ever before. Annunziata has incredible insights on IoT’s significance on the future of industry.


“Lorna Goulden: The Internet of Things”

Lorna Goulden, founder of Creative Innovation Works, discusses the relationship between IoT and fashion. An interactive t-shirt is one example of the two worlds colliding. Through connecting clothing and devices, various design and user applications will be made available, according to Goulden.


“Jordan Duffy: The Internet of Things”

Entrepreneur and technology innovation expert, Jordan Duffy, discusses IoT in a way that sheds light on how our lives are being changed in ways we don’t even recognize. The value added by IoT sometimes goes unnoticed, but Duffy thoroughly covers the ways we use IoT daily.


“Benson Hougland: What is the Internet of Things? And why should you care?”

This talk, given in 2014 by Benson Hougland, can answer many basic questions for those who are just recently exploring the depths of IoT. He answers questions like: What is IoT? How will it impact our everyday lives? Should I be worried?

While each speaker is focused on the same general topic, they each bring their own personal experiences and viewpoints to the table, making their talks unique and engaging. With IoT gaining traction, there are likely to be many more IoT TED talks in years to come.