The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been circling a variety of industries in one form or another for years now, but what exactly is it and how can it help industries such as those that focus on things like supply chain management? The IoT can be thought of as taking one of the largest networks in the world, the internet, and interconnecting it with everyday objects such as our cars or homes so that they can communicate with one another and better send and receive useful data. Many believe that the IoT will come to have an immense impact on the supply chain industry in a variety of unique ways:

  • Tracking Where The Item Or Commodity Is
  • Temperature Controlled Environments
  • Tracking Delivery Vehicles To Keep Customers Up To Date

Tracking Where The Item Or Commodity Is

Perhaps the single largest aspect of supply chain is being able to keep track where a variety of inflows and outflows are located at any given time. Unfortunately, outdated technology has led to companies only knowing approximate locations as opposed to exact locations. If a system utilizing the technology behind the IoT were to be implemented, every single product could be accounted for down to its exact location. This minimizes waste streams and increases the efficiency of the process.

Temperature Controlled Environments

Many large industries deal in highly temperature sensitive goods such as medicines or even certain food products. These products must maintain a certain minimum or maximum temperature through all points of the supply chain in order to remain useful. An IoT system would be able to provide these types of companies real time temperature data for the products and alert them as to the corrective action that needs to be taken if a problem should ever arise.

Tracking Delivery Vehicles To Keep Customers Up To Date

For far too many years, customers have been kept in the dark about what exactly is the status of the package they’ve ordered online. It seems to be pending, then shipped, and then appears to be in some state of absolute limbo between leaving the facility and arriving on the front doorstep. The IoT allows companies to provide much more accurate and up to date information to consumers about both the status and location of the package they’ve ordered. This will likely increase customer satisfaction and increase the chances of ordering something from this service again.