The Internet of Things (IoT) covers a wide range of subjects. Regardless of your familiarity with IoT, there are several books on the market that can provide you with useful information on anything from embedded operating systems and microcontrollers to how IoT will affect society.

Continuing a list started in a previous blog, here are several more of the best texts on IoT.


“Meta Products: Building the Internet of Things” by Wimer Hazenberg, Menno Huisman and Sara Cordoba Rubino

Meta Products” examines the rise of IoT in consumer products and technology, focusing primarily on the inherent process of designing physical consumer products (or “meta products”). Though the text was originally published in 2011, many of its main observations remain relevant both in a retrospective sense and in terms of current IoT trends and principles.


“The Second Machine Age” by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

Another forward-looking IoT text, “The Second Machine Age” takes a closer look at IoT’s current current uses and prevailing future implications. Specifically, the text explores the overarching influence of cognitive, interconnected technologies in the business world. Primary discussion points include Moore’s law, artificial intelligence (AI), and IoT’s impact on future economies.


“The Silent Intelligence: The Internet of Things” by Daniel Kellmereit and Daniel Obodovski

Kellmereit and Obodovski’s text is a must-read for those interested in both IoT devices and in IoT investments; it focuses on the various roadblocks and possibilities associated with the relationship between entrepreneurism and connected technologies. The text provides a comprehensive look at IoT’s history, linking these details to the array of trends it continues to spawn in the present.


“Getting Started with the Internet of Things” by Cuno Pfister
In a present sense, IoT can be fairly overwhelming to absorb for those new to its trends and capabilities. Cuno Pfister aims to remedy this problem with “Getting Started with the Internet of Things,” a solid IoT introduction aimed at various degrees of unfamiliarity. Covered concepts include IoT programming, server creation, and program embedding. This text is truly a swiss army knife of information that has generally remained relevant in 2018.