The Internet of Things (IoT) covers a wide range of subjects. Regardless of your familiarity with IoT, there are several books on the market that can provide you with useful information on anything from embedded operating systems and microcontrollers to how IoT will affect society.


The Amazon Way on IoT by John Rossman

If you are a director or manager looking at IoT solutions for your company, this is the book for you. The author, John Rossman, is a former executive of Amazon. Amazon’s tech strategies are influencing every organization and sector. The book highlights how IoT is currently being used, as well as predictions for the future.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab

In this book, renown economist Klaus Schwab outlines how IoT and similar technologies will impact society in the coming years. He expects the technology to dramatically alter how we live and work.


The Internet of Things in the Cloud: A Middleware Perspective by Honbo Zhou

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the IoT and its worldwide development. It offers a holistic view of the IoT spectrum, including technologies, applications and its rapid evolution. The book is divided into three sections, focusing on the many facets of IoT, middleware, and finally Cloud computing.


Check In Check Out: The Public Space as an Internet of Things by Christian van t Hof, Floortje Daemen, Rinie van Est

This book uses international case studies to chart trends in IoT. The expert authors tackle questions like, “When does the technology aid us and when does it restrict us?,” and “What are the consequences of an ultra-monitored society?” They use answers to these questions to make recommendations for the future.


Internet of Things: Legal Perspectives by Rolf H. Weber, Romana Weber

As a global information architecture, IoT is beginning to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. This book highlights how a legal framework should be established before IoT is fully operable.


Building the Web of Things by Dominique D. Guinard and Vlad M. Trifa

This is a hands-on guide that teaches how to design and implement IoT solutions using Web technologies. The book uses theory, code samples and examples to help you fully take advantage of this technology.
Dozens of books delve into all aspects of IoT, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of the best IoT books on the market. However, I hope you found value in this list and potentially discovered the book that best fits your needs.